Learn To Help Those Who Are Near The End

Life is precious and fleeting.  This is why when it is close to our time to go, we have loving, and caring people help us and our loved ones be comfortable in our final days.  In the many different areas of healthcare, the area of being a hospice care giver is possibly one of the most rewarding and most difficult to do.  Having a strong hospice and palliative education baltimore will ensure that you have the skills and knowledge needed to send people off gracefully.

hospice and palliative education baltimore

Don’t dwell on the inevitable

Don’t dwell on the fact that the people you are working with are close to death.  You want to focus on life, relieving pain and allowing them to guide you through the process they need.  If you are someone who is negative or likes to dwell on gloomy events, then this is not the tasks for you.

Be a good listener

Depending on their condition you may end up hearing them talk about the same things over and over again.  When this occurs just listen, talk in a soft tone and let them know you are there.  If they are of sound mind, then engage then in their stories.  Sit and have tea or laugh at their jokes.  Allowing them to feel pleasure and fun once again will do wonders.

Tell them stories

Talking with them and tell them about your life.  Tell them why you wanted to be in this line of work and what dreams you may have.  Filling their minds with these stories may give them a feeling that the future will be bright when they leave.  Many may be without their families and friends and having you tell them stories of your life may ease their sadness and bring you closer to them in the end.

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